Thank you for the website. Its exactly what I have been searching for on the web. What I needed was something simple, clear, and easy to use and you have provided it. Many 'teachers' on the web -- and in many books -- give only the C scale usually, and then expect us to do the transposing ourselves - 'for our own good.' But we learners can't always figure things out so easily. Your program allows me to understand and most importantly, to "image" what it is that I am trying to see. Thanks again for the 'Godsend' site.

"Your site is fabulous. I'm working with a jazz vocal workshop and we presently spend a lot of time transposing for the singers. Hopefully when I introduce them to your site they will show up with charts in their respective keys and we will focus on their sound. Thanks again for your work it is much appreciated!"

-- Peter

"Thank you. You have saved me hours of mind-boggling work to get me ready for Easter. I needed a quick transposition for some guitar chords and found your site!!! You have no idea how this helped. Thanks a million & God bless!"

-- Zanne

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